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Water Heater Repair and Installation in Kingston

Maintaining a water heater can be a bit tricky, but Kingston Plumbing has some tips so that your water heater maintenance will go that much smoother.

  1. Monitor the water temperature frequently to avoid putting your family at risk. If the water is too hot, this could be dangerous for your family. If the water isn’t hot enough, harmful bacteria will grow. Monitoring the water heater’s temperature will also help to prevent excessive consumption of energy.
  2. Check for large amounts of sediments in the water tank. An accumulation of sediments can introduce impurities in the water and can increase energy consumption.

Homeowners don’t realize this, but oftentimes the water heater in their home is a rental, and the majority of rental water heaters are old and use inefficient technology. These rentals will end up costing homeowners more in rental payments and in energy bills. No matter if the water heater in your home is a rental or not, you must make sure the water heater is carefully maintained. It’s important to have a quality and reliable source of hot water in the home. And if maintaining and repairing an old water heater is no longer an option then it’s time to start planning on ditching your old water heater for a new and better energy-efficient model.

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