Interior Waterproofing

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Interior Waterproofing Services in Kingston

When there is limited exterior access to the basement wall, your home will not allow for exterior waterproofing, and our plumbing experts will recommend doing interior waterproofing. But don’t worry! You won’t miss out on any of the benefits! In fact, you might just get much more because interior waterproofing is more effective when it comes to protecting your home. It is also preferred by plumbers because it is more cost-effective for unfinished interior walls. Interior waterproofing also requires less steps and can be done quicker because it requires less work and less material.

The procedure for interior waterproofing include the following steps:

  • A foot wide channel is cut into the concrete floor in the interior perimeter of the basement wall, and the footing is exposed.
  • Weeping tiles are installed and are connected to the floor drain or sump pump.
  • A dimpled waterproof membrane is applied to the entire wall from ceiling to the bottom of the channel.
  • Clean coarse gravel is added over the weeping tiles.
  • The channel is filled with concrete, and the work area is cleaned up so that the property is returned to its original clean state.

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